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We are currently making soprano ukes in four standard models. Two of the four are mahogany bodies in differing trim levels. The other two are figured koa also in two trim levels. I have experimented with spruce and cedar tops also with good results. Custom instruments in a variety of wood species can be done on request. I will allow my friend and consultant Howard Greenberg to elaborate on the tonal attributes of these ukuleles in his testimonial.

I’ve been privileged to collaborate with Neal in developing his new line of soprano ukuleles. They are beautiful instruments and a joy to play. Neal is a brilliant luthier who could probably make cardboard ukuleles sound good and play well, but he is also very responsive to a player’s needs and desires. I can’t imagine a better combination of attributes.

The ukuleles are lightly built, in the tradition of the great ukuleles made during the “Golden Era” – the 1920’s and 1930’s - yet they consistently produce a distinctively contemporary sound: bright harp-like highs, great clarity in the midrange, resonant lower end, generous sustain and good volume. They sound terrific either strummed or picked and they play like a dream up and down the neck.

I’m an avid collector of vintage ukuleles. I’m also a tough critic when it comes to ukuleles, although I prefer to think of myself as “discerning.” I have some exquisite ukuleles from which to choose when I sit down to play. Nevertheless, recently I have been playing my Flewellings almost exclusively. Each time I pick one of them up, I worry that it isn’t going to be quite as good as I thought it was the last time I played it. Happily, each time I am wrong. Indeed, they just keep getting better.

The photos we are currently showing are not representative of the standard models. As soon as we have them professionally photographed we will add them.